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The latest website that’s been taken up all of my time the last year is called

Almost 6 months ago, we were lucky to get Tom White onboard, a head of content from Manchester that help us take the site to another level.

Today, 100’s of crypto casinos are shown on Crypto Lists that makes quite a few reviews every week, even if the easter time obviously is a bit slower. Since I’ve been working with casinos and poker for over 10 years, and my business partner for over 20 yeas – this is a new and interesting challenge, and it’s clear that the market for anonymous casino sites (over 25) are growing quickly. Still, many Bitcoin casinos got license from Curacao and they are not so anonymous at all, but with all the same game developers and regulators as other brands.

The timing of or launch could have been better, but it’s not much you can do when there is a bear market for cryptocurrencies for over 1 year. Crypto Lists is unique by connecting over 60 blockchain reviews with more than 180 coin reviews. You can find the full list at

The domain was purchased in the end of 2021, while the newly created website for Crypto Lists’ been up since January 2022. Like most crypto domains, it was way overpriced, but hopefully worth it in the long run.

After all, EU-wide regulation for MICA (Markets in Crypto Assets) is set to launch the 1st of January, 2024. So it’s less than 9 months until further clarification and way better regulation will govern the usage of crypto coins and tokens.

A bit surprising some might say, but the NFT (Non Fungal Tokens) are not covered in the first version of MICA. Still, this change in regulation is likely to get more institutional investors onboard.

Among the challenges doing reviews for Bitcoin casino and crypto casino sites is the sheer amount of software developers and deposit methods. Often, the casino affiliate manager don’t know the correct answer for which software that is included or which deposit methods that they actually have. Currently, there are 328 software developer reviews classified on Crypto Lists and over 200 deposit methods.  

Even if affiliate managers got a pre-made document about the facts and nitty gritty, it’s likely to be incorrect. It’s mostly a questions to how high degree the software developers and deposit methods and other facts are incorrect. Many countries are often excluded, even if the affiliate manager tell us it’s not. That is something we make sure to handle – and Crypto Lists is based on geotargeting, so people always see relevant brands – may it be coins or casinos or something else.

Like always, the team behind Crypto Lists take pride in showing and classifying deposit methods for both trading sites and casinos and also software for the casino sites. Just a few years ago, it was way less developers and payment options around. But the market is changing quickly, from the payment processors to the hot new casino games. This week alone I added 2 new crash games, the seasonal Plinko Easter and online slots from Apparat (eg. Eggciting Fruits).

The most addictive game was probably Football X. You can select your players, such as one from Argentina, and he start doing tricks. It’s the new type of crash game, where the ball eventually fall to the floor and the job is to guess how long time it takes. Every millisecond that goes, the reward increases.

Unfortunately, many people have gambling problems and for that reason, there is a sub-page on Crypto Lists showing organisations to get help – for both the one suffering from crypto, gambling or any other type of addiction and their friends and relatives. The url name is simply:

The website Crypto Lists is far from perfect yet, but it’s on the right track and we’re covering a wide range of topics related to crypto and Bitcoin casinos. Check it out if you are bored or simply want to find out what’s going on.. 


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